Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Water Softener, Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis

This blog is only to create awareness and not fear, in fact any decision made out of fear is usually a bad one and anyone who wants to create fear in your mind and then get you to buy their product is someone better off left alone.  This past two weeks I have been working with Bob and Lisa Parr in Alison Tx just east of Decatur Tx helping them with their water alongside Alisa Rich from Wolf Eagle Enviromental (  The Parr's have found some contaminants in their water since some drilling occured near their property.  Could it be from the drilling?  At this point in time who knows but the concern is for the welfare of the family who have been through alot this past year and have a huge battle in front of them.  As I was doing some research I found that a water softener not only softens water but helps remove or reduce other contaminants like Strontium, Cadmuim, and as we know Magnesium, it will also remove or reduce contaminants found in RCRA-8 which is an abbreviation for heavy metals.  I have also blogged on carbon in the past and its benefits in water filtration but have come across some more information that I thought may be good for the readers.  Not only does it help filter or reduce various VOC's and SOC's in the water but will also filter or reduce some RCRA-8's Heavy Metals ( Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, Silver) some levels may be reduced or may need a Reverse Osmosis System, MTBE ( Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) MBAS (foaming agents in short)  My thoughts are if you have a water well consider the benefits of using all three.  Some contaminants can enter through the skin and can be reduced or removed using a water softener or carbon filtration. I also know we can buy bottled water at the store which should be good for us but if you are not buying water bottled in Texas then you do not know how it was treated.  Texas law is that you must put on the label where the water came from and how it was treated.  Some bottled water is treated with chlorine and as you probably experienced in the past when you open a bottle you smell chlorine and sometimes can even taste it.  Chlorine is a chemical linked to cancer, it is highly toxic and eats through just about everything except plastic.  I have even seen where it has eaten through wood.  Just imagine what it does to our bodies over the years.  It is a necessary evil in water disinfection though and very proficient in the killing of bacteria and viruses.  If it can kill them what about us?  A three part water system of a Water Softener, Carbon Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System will keep your water safe for your family and over the years is more cost effective than that of purchasing bottled water in the store.  Take time to do some research and put some thought behind all of this to make a quality decision with your water quality. If you have any questions please visit our website