Saturday, November 26, 2011

Iron in the pipes

The other day we were fixing a problem with a pressure tank when I cut a pipe and what did I find?  It was full of iron. It was actually plugging the pipe to keep the pressure tank from functioning correctly and causing the pump to short cycle which in turn will shorten the life of the pump.  We were able to install new pipes and put in an Iron filter that will take out the iron and keep the odor and red stains from entering the home.  We call it the Oximax Air Iron.  It oxidizes the iron in the water and gets rid of it right then and there and then is backwashed out.  It uses no chemicals and is completely green technology.  If you have iron problems with your well, be sure to check that your pipes don't look like the one below, it may be another reason you don't have sufficient pressure in the house.