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What kind of water filter do I need

What kind of water filter do I need

This is one of the most asked questions there are in the water treatment world and that is What Kind of Water Filter Do I Need.  Many people in the United States have problem water and it really doesn't matter if they have ground water (from a water well) surface water (from a lake river or stream) city water or rural water which may come any of the above or a private water well.  In order to answer the question of what kind of water filter do I need we will first have to identify which contaminant is in the water.

Problem Water

Most people that have problem run into the challenge of determining which kind of contaminant is actually in the water though many guess or listen to the advice of a neighbor which is not always correct. For example a lady who lives near the Guadalupe River told me that her water well gets water from the river.  I explained to her that she was misinformed and yet she still insisted though I am a licensed water well expert and not only have a license but must have continuing education classes each year.  So then I had to show her by means of what is in her water and what is in the river water.  Her water well had iron in it and left red marks on her trees and out buildings but the river water was always green and never stained the dock or boats in the river.  After she saw the difference did she actually begin to believe me over that of her neighbor whom she thought knew what they were talking about. So I explained she needed an iron filter since we could tell that she had iron in her water but in addition to the iron she also had hard water.  Now the difference is in this case that you need an iron filter to remove iron and a water softener to remove calcium or hard water.  Find out the difference HERE

 What's in My Water

The next and most important step is to find out exactly what is in your water in order to know which kind of water filter you will need.  Here is a kit that you can use to determine what kind of contaminant is in your water;   Once you know what is in your water you can get the right kind of filter because to use the wrong filter for the wrong contaminant not only brings frustration but will also cost you time and money which is the most important thing we have in our busy world today.  Most of what we find in our water is Sediment, Iron, Sulfur, and Hardness which doesn't need a water filter but a water softener.  So let's get to what you came here for

Water Filters

Sediment Filter Needed for sand and sediment
Sediment Filter
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Iron Filter- Removes Iron

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Sulfur/Chlorine Filter-Removes Odor Caused by H2S

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Whole house
 back washing carbon filter

The Best Water Filters

The above water filters should take care of any of your needs for filtration however if you do not find what you are looking for then you may want to watch this video and then you can ask questions to narrow down your search for your water filter needs;