Water Softener Sales Wise County Texas

Water Softener Sales Wise County Texas

If you live in Texas then you are familiar with hard water and the need for a water softener.  As you probably know a water softener can save hundreds of dollars on soaps, shampoo's, conditioners, clothes etc.  A water softener can also help you save on your utility bills by not having to take a long period of time to heat hard water which does take longer and soft water also keeps your pipes clean and removes any build up of calcium.

So what kind of water softener should you buy if you live in Texas? You will want a quality water softener like the one shown here.  It is a fleck 5600 which is the most popular on the market and parts are not only easy to get but inexpensive as well and just as easy to replace.   

The Best Water Softener
The Best Water Softener

 Our water isn't super hard (around 12gr); but, the benefits of using a water softener are still well worth it to us - especially after coming from an area with hard water where we got used to using one.

About 5 years ago, I decided we didn't want to deal with salt or reverse-osmosis anymore, so we 'upgraded' to a salt-free Pelican 'softener' as well as a matching whole house filter. The whole house filter was excellent; but, the salt-free softener didn't appear to do much of anything. I kept a log as the hardness deposits started to build up - and it now looks like we never had a softener at all...

Since we're in the process of remodeling our kitchen, I decided it was also time to switch back to a real softener. I almost bought into the more expensive Kinetico or Culligan systems, but opted to try this Fleck unit out because of the massive price difference. It's seriously hard to justify the additional cost when the actual capabilities are identical; and, who cares if this lasts 5 years less since I can buy 10 of them for the same price. :)

We also decided to use Potassium instead of Salt this time around since I still don't want the additional sodium in our drinking water. I know it's more expensive; but, even with our family of 5, we're talking about just barely over 1 bag per month.

I was going to use a plumber to install this, but when the water softener arrived I decided to just give it a try myself. Thanks to the Internet and Shark Bite connectors, I was able to easily get it done in an afternoon. Since the resin was pre-charged and I didn't want to waste any potassium if I didn't need to - it took a while before it was ready to charge the first time. I'm glad I started the charge manually because I hadn't realized the brine bucket is supposed to be full of water before a recharge starts. I hadn't pre-filled it, so I ended up running 2 charge cycles that first time.

Anyway, now that it's installed, the water quality is excellent!

It's unbelievable how big of a difference softened water makes to how quickly everything gets dirty. Our shower stays looking cleaner longer - and we've always liked the feel of soft water. I wish I had skipped on the salt-free softener experiment altogether, but I guess you live and learn. :)

It probably sounds dumb, but water softened with Potassium has a slightly different feel than water softened with salt. It also tastes better in my opinion - although that may be in my head since I hate the thought of drinking 'sodium-enriched' water...

At the end of the day, I would definitely recommend this softener to just about anybody. It was fairly easy to install; but, it's also pretty inexpensive to have a plumber come do it if you don't feel like tackling the project. The end result is far superior than the salt-free system - and identical to the results from the premium brands. I can't think of any downside to using this system!  It's The Best Water Softener


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