Friday, November 26, 2010

Why a water softener

Many people ask this question and usually there are the common answers of; it will save your appliances, lower energy bills, use less soaps, shampoo's, conditioner's, it gives you smoother skin and silkier hair.  Though these answers are all correct I found another reason that I consider more important than the previous.  My grandson and I were sitting in a deer blind freezing waiting for that elusive deer to trot on by before I would shoot and miss because of my "shivering."  Since my attention span is less than his (6 yr old) I picked up my iphone and began my continuing education on water treatment and ran across this post; it was about manganese in the water and its effects on our children so I copied the link   I found it very interesting and thought I would blog on it.  We at All American Water Softeners&Filtration; want to educate our community to keep you informed.  If you have any questions about us please visit us at or call us at (940) 389-4305
Remember knowledge is power!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fleck Water Filter Valve

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do business with a gentleman in Jacksboro Texas.  He had a Fleck 5600 Filter Valve that got stuck and kept backwashing.  He told me he had the filter for 13 years and it had done fine for all those years.  This is why we at All American Water Softeners & Filtration use these valves.  They are so reliable and user friendly I don't know why anyone would use anything else but to each his own.  He had the valve on a filter with carbon in it, but what he didn't know was it was time to change the carbon.  Carbon is like a sponge and adsorbs contaminants in the water.  He was using it for the sulphur smell and it had worked well for him until the odor came back and then he began to put chlorine in the well to rid the water of the smell.  I told him we could replace the carbon and put a new piston in the valve and he would have a good system again as long as he kept putting chlorine in the well which he thought was too costly and was tired of doing it but his wife was the one he had to please.  I recommended another alternative.  Sulphur can be oxidized with chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and air so I recommended our Chem Free Odor Eater with a twist.  Instead of buying the entire system we could use part of his and save some money, ($600.00) so he thought it would be a great idea since he would not have to put bleach in the well anymore and he would have odorless water in the house as well.  So I installed the new valve and put new carbon in it and no more chemicals or smelly water.  If you do any reading you will find that chlorine is linked to cancer and that is what they disinfect public water with.  You can go to our web site and see some of our products and how they may help you with your water. I then replaced his filters in his Reverse Osmosis System and he was in like flynn.  The thing I enjoyed most about the entire job was that when I gave his wife the bill she said "It's less than what I expected" that always pleases me to know my customers get a fair price and I can sleep at night after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner, (LOL just kidding) anyway I hope this info was hepful to those of you who read it, knowledge is power.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Water Well Check-Up

Today I am writing about a water well check up and how to do a mini one for yourself.  Now if you live in Haslet, Bridgeport, Chico, Rhome, Springtown, Denton, Boyd, Paradise, Alvord, Decatur or any city in Wise, Montague, Parker, Jack, Denton or Tarrant counties and you have a water well then you may want to take notes.  Firstly the worst thing that can happen is you would have to replace your pump and that can run from around $550.00 for a 1/2 hp pump to upwards of $1,000.00 for a 1 1/2 hp pump.  Usually the well company will charge a dollar a foot round trip, that means if your pump is 240 feet then it will cost you $240.00 for labor.  You can prevent some of this.  An indicator that something is wrong is if your pump cuts on and then off in a matter of seconds, this could mean that the pressure tank may be bad, the first thing you want to do is check your pressure tank.  If you have a bladder tank you can check it by turning off your pump and then draining the water from the tank, you can use an air gauge and check to see if there is any air in it at the top of the tank.  If there is no air then your tank is bad and you need to replace it.  You can put some air into the tank and if it holds you can wait until you get the money to buy another one.  I am not sure of others prices but ours go for $350.00 for a 33 gallon, $450.00 for a 44 gal tank, these are the most common and come with a 5 year warranty.  If you don't have an air gauge you can shake the tank and if you hear water sloshing around in the tank then it is bad, or if the tank feels as if it is full of water then it is bad as well.  Now if you have a galvanized or large silver tank and your pump is cutting on and off in a matter of seconds then you have either a water logged tank or air locked tank.  You can tell by putting your hand at the top of the tank and slowly run it down to the bottom and feel for a temperature difference.  The difference should be about 12-18 inches from the top.  If it is the same temp to the bottom then your tank needs fixing.  Now if you get a lot of air in the house out of the faucets then it is probably air locked and you need a new AVC valve, (air volume control) it is what sticks out of the side of the tank and has the pressure gauge on it.  You can turn your pump off and drain all the water from the tank and then take a 9/16 inch wrench and remove the pressure gauge slowly.  Be careful as with all the pressure it may pop out of your hand and it will make a lot of noise so you may want ear plugs if in a small space.  Once all the air is out you can turn your pump on and wait until the water begins to come out of where the pressure gauge goes in and quickly put your pressure gauge back in and it will pressure up normally and you will have time to call someone to fix it.  Now the way to tell if the tank is water logged you can do one of two things, first you can push on the snifter valve (air valve stuck in the pipe or check vavle) and if water comes out with your pump off then the check valve is bad, if you don't see one then you can remove the pressure relief valve on top of the well head and if water comes out then you have the same problem.  Becareful removing the pressure relief valve because you could accidentally break the pipe your pump is hanging on.  You will need to apply consistant pressure with two pipe wrenches when taking it off.  You can either replace the check valve yourself or call someone who can.  FYI, we at All American Water Softeners&Filtration can do this for you.  (940) 389-4305 or you can call your favorite water well company.  This is the easiest way to check your system and if you need someone to come out ask them to check your start capacitor and pressure switch, if you have any questions you can call us and we will help you over the phone.  Have a great day and may all go well with you, pun intended!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Choosing a Water Softener

Whether you live in Wise county cities like Alvord, Chico, Boyd, Paradise or you live in Tarrant county in cities like Fort Worth, Keller, Southlake, Haslet and even in Parker county in the cities of Weatherford, Azle, Aledo if you have a water well you will most likely need a water softener.  Choosing a water softener can be difficult because of pricing and all the companies out there that claim that theirs is the best, to include us at All American Water Softeners&Filtration.;  You can see our watersofteners and water filters at  You will want to get what is in your price range but you will also need to balance that with your water quality.  For instance, if you are reading this and you have city, community, public water then you can use any water softener on the market.  From the one at your local hardware store to any of our competitors or ours.  City water is usually not too hard and is usually not as harsh as well water.  If you have city water then you will want a carbon filter installed before your water softener because the chlorine in the water will dissolve the resin beads in the water softener over time.  It will also act as a block to keep the chlorine, chloromines and other chemicals that are used to treat you water from entering your home.  You can visit our webiste and see some of our products at  Our 1 cuft carbon filters with a backwash valve starts at $700.00.  It is a maintenance free filter and excellent for people who lead busy life styles like most of us.  As far as well water you will need to know a couple of things, first you need to know how hard your water is.  This is done to get the right size tank for your water needs.  There are many web sites that can give you a chart to measure by.  You can get a test kit at Lowes or Home Depot. Here is a rule of thumb we at All American Water Softeners&Filtration use; if the water is 20 gpg (grains per gallon hard) then we would use a 32k 1cuft softener but would suggest a 48k 1.5cuft softener.  We like to use the half method.  Half of 32 is 16 as we get closer to 32 we tend to suggest the next size up for best results.  A 16 gpg hard water will consume or foul half the 32k water softener then it will regenerate so you will always have soft water even to the point of regeneration.  So we do it like this, 16 gpg hard into 32,000=2,000-100=1,900  What that means to you is this, 32000 grain water softener divided by 16 equals every 2000 gallons of water used a regeneration will occur. We subtract another 100 for a buffer. So every 1,900 gallons it will regenerate and if we use the 100 gallons of water per person per day and you have 5 people in the house it will renerate every 4 days.  That means you will use 6 lbs of salt every 4 days for regeneration.  Each bad is 40 lbs so you will use very little salt each month.  Wow, that is a lot of info, I know, so that is why we offer free water testing  for hardness, iron, PH and TDS.  We also give you a free estimate and let you choose which water softener you want to buy and who you want to buy it from.  Most water softeners all work about the same, if you have a water well then I would recommend not buying a water softener from your local hardware store, they do work but with harsh water you may need to call someone to repair it more often than a water softener with a piston instead of a rotor disk and most guys don't work on those kinds of watersofteners and will try and sell you one of theirs.  That is why we work on Sears, Kenmore, GE, Whilrpool and many others as well as carry the parts on the truck.  So you don't have to pay out thousands of dollars for a new water softener.  Speaking of which, you can pay thousands of dollars for a water softener or you can pay not more than two thousand and get the same quality.  It is best to shop around, also you want to think about replacement parts.  After some years the piston will go out because it is a moving part.  Some companies will try and sell you a new water softener because they either don't know how to fix the one you have or don't carry the parts, that is why we suggest a Fleck brand water softener.  They have been around since 1984 and many water filtration guys have those parts on their trucks and if you can't find someone who does then call us.  (940) 389-4305, we work on just about everything to include culligan.  I hope this helps you in your endeavor to get better water quality.  You can call us and we will help you over the phone, have a great day. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fleck Water Softener Valve

Today I went to Azle Texas to work on a water softener and lo and behold what did I find, a Fleck 5600 watersoftener.  It needed a piston seal and spacer kit and a new motor.  You may say well that doesn't mean it is a good one.  Well it does if it has been there since 1997.  THe customer told me he did not know how to work on them and he did not know what to do other than put salt in it.  Well that is the way it should be, you should not have to work on them and all you need to do is put salt in them and check to make sure that the time is correct so that it won't backwash at the wrong time. That is why we at All American Water Softeners&Filtration; use this brand.  You can see more on our web site   We work on just about everything but we primarily see Fleck brand products and they are almost never a problem.  If you are looking for a water softener to buy either for a new home, old home or to replace your last watersoftener please take a look at our website and you can see what they look like and perhaps get a little more information about them.  One note is to always check around, some people will charge you an arm, a leg and perhaps your first born. Though this is all revelant, if you don't have much money $1,500.00 can be a lot, if you have a lot of money $4,500.00 may be nothing.  That is why we offer financing.  But no matter what city you live in whether Azle, Decatur, Keller, Southlake, or anywhere else in the world if you need a watersoftener always check around and I recommend buying a Fleck water softener.  I do know that research is difficult and we at All American Water Softeners&Filtration will do our best to help. You can call us and we will do a free water test for Hardness, Iron, Ph and TDS (total dissolved solids) and give you our recommendation-for free, whether you buy it from us or not.  I would like to say that we will even meet or beat any price of like product.  Remember if you need help with your water softener needs go to our webiste or call us at (940) 389-4305  The picture below is a Fleck 5600 Metered Valve

Friday, November 5, 2010

Water Softeners Repair or Replace

Sometimes in life we are faced with costly decisions.  Usually we make them when we have funds available and though the money is handy if we fail to do some research we will spend money on something that could have been repaired and use the rest of the money for something else.  That's where we at All American Water Softeners&Filtration come in, our web address is   If you live in Decatur, Paradise, Alvord, Boyd, Azle, Keller, Chico, Bridgeport, Rhome, Springtown, Denton, Fort Worth or any other city in North Central Texas you probably have a water softener.  When there is a problem with it the following usually occurs;
1. You will buy a new water softener or water filter.
2. You will call a company out who usually can't or even worse won't fix it and sells a new water softener to you.
3. Put the water softener in bypass and ruin appliances.

I would encourage you to call us at (940) 389-4305 and let us look at it.  If we can't fix it we don't charge you.  Take a look at our website for some of the water softeners and water filters we service and repair and if yours is not in there call us anyway we probably didn't list it.  Water softeners and water filters can be repaired for far less than what you would spend on a new one.  Usually it is only a Piston/Seal and space kit, a motor, or main drive gear.  I know that may sound expensive but none of these parts are over $100.00 and most people would rather spend say $150.00 over buying a new water softener for $1,200.00-$5,000.00 depending on whom you buy it from.  So save money and call All American Water Softeners & Filtration at (940) 389-4305 or visit our website