The Best Reverse Osmosis System In San Antonio Texas

The Best Reverse Osmosis System In San Antonio Texas

Many people today are very concerned with their drinking water especially after what happened in Flint Michigan.  The people of that city had no idea what was in their water and what makes things even worse is the results of drinking that water and what had happened to their children.  It is a terrible tragedy and things are now going to change though it is too late for some it is a wake up call for others.  What I mean is this, now that people are more aware of what could happen to their drinking water in San Antonio Texas they have become more cautious and are now more concerned as to how they should filter their water.  So the thought is reverse osmosis systems and with so many out there which one is the best.
The Best Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System

There are many reverse osmosis systems on the market but which one is the best.  If you ask the person who sales them they will inevitably say that theirs is the best.  The manufacturer will say that theirs is the best.  So who do you believe.  After all you can buy one here and how do you know it is the best.  The reason this one is the best is because of the following reasons;
1. You can buy the filters online much cheaper than what a service company will charge.
2. You can replace them yourself
3. You don't have to worry about them changing the style so you won't have to buy another new system.
4. You can buy one here and pay much less than you would if you bought the same one from company A
5. You can have a plumber install it for you for less than what company A will charge
6. Here is a video of the same system

Buy Yours Today

Now that you have seen how good it is and how much money you will save now is the time to make sure your family has safe great tasting water at the sink, but don't take my word for it see what others are saying HERE 

Verified Purchase
I had a really old RO system that my parents bought long time ago. Every year, we pay a service guy to come a replace the filters for us and each time he charges around $60 to replace. If it requires a membrane replacement, he will charge us around $150! After 10+ year of usage, I figure it’s time to change to a new one. At first I was thinking about getting a newer unit from the same company but my friend told me that I should just maintain it myself so I don’t have to pay for the ridiculous service fee.

This is when I heard about APEC Water. He said that their systems are very well built and also the filters that they use are the best in the industry. When the system arrived, my initial impression was wow! This thing is night and day compared to not just the old system that I have before, but the new system that the same company is trying to sell to me. The craftsmanship and quality of materials even down to the way it was packaged.

The whole installation took me about a good 1 hour because I want to make sure I got everything installed correctly. The hardest part was probably the faucet installation, because I had to crawl underneath the sink cabinet and it is not fun for a 6’-1” guy. Other than that, the system installation itself was a breeze. I would say, as long as you follow the instructions on the manual, you shouldn’t have any issues on installing it. Overall, I would give it a 5 out of 10 in terms of difficulty and most of that 5 is coming from the faucet installation.

Out of curiosity, I took my old system apart to see what filters they used, and surprise; they don’t even have a brand, not even on the membrane itself. Now I know where most of my money was going during its service. With this new system, I pay only $39 a year for top notch filters and it also come with a nice tester for me to monitor the quality of my water anytime! 
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