Monday, January 31, 2011

Is your tap water safe to drink

I have seen a lot of articles out there about our municipal drinking water and the more I see the more concerned I become. So I thought that though I really like to blog I would let someone else do the talking for a change.  As you will be able to see in the articles there are some major U.S. cities that have unsafe drinking water.  The problem is we never know if it is ours and it may already be too late.  I have seen many people die due to cancer and quite frankly I am tired of seeing good people die.  We many times just know where the cancer comes from but it just shows up and kills people and it does not care about the age, sex, nationality.  It just kills, it takes the lives of loved ones and leaves families with a hole in it.  It could very well be in our drinking water and we are not even aware of it.  Please take some time to view the link   You cannot afford not to.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hexavalent Chromium Found in Tap Water

Pentair's Reverse Osmosis Systems Reduce Hexavalent Chromium Found in Tap Water

MILWAUKEE, Wis., January 3,  2011 — A report was released recently  by  the Environmental  Working Group (EWG) with details on the detection of hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) in tap water in 31 of 35 cities tested. Chromium-6, made infamous by the movie "Erin Brockovich," has been linked to stomach cancer and is the latest in a series of unregulated substances which have been detected in a number of treated drinking water supplies. These substances include pharmaceutical drugs and industrial chemicals which can pass through conventional water treatment methods.

The study suggests that those concerned can purchase a water filtration system to significantly reduce the presence of hexavalent chromium in their tap water. As a global leader in water filtration systems, Pentair Residential Filtration (PRF), a division of Pentair, specializes in reverse osmosis water filtration systems for the home which are third party certified to reduce hexavalent chromium.  Chia Kung, Pentair Residential Filtration's global product manager for membranes, leads a team devoted to producing these state of the art reverse osmosis systems,

"Pentair Residential Filtration has a long history of successfully reducing hexavalent chromium, as well as other undesirable substances, from drinking water," says Kung. "Each of our reverse osmosis systems is designed to provide clean drinking water by separating substances such as hexavalent chromium from the incoming water source. These systems typically have 4 to 5 total stages of filtration that will separate other substances including (but not limited to), arsenic, lead, and cysts." (A full list can be found at

"I am proud to be a part of a company whose goal it is to develop technology that can improve the quality of life in our communities," said Sam Karge, Pentair Residential Filtration vice president of Global Marketing. "As concerned citizens, we at Pentair are here to serve by providing high quality, water filtration solutions that residents can incorporate into their home to help alleviate the problem." Residents that live in areas where hexavalent chromium has been found in tap water can contact their local plumbing professional, water treatment professional or kitchen and bath dealer to purchase one of the Pentair products that specifically reduce the presence of the chemical. These products  include  the  American  Plumber  WRO-3500  Reverse  Osmosis  system  or  Pentair Water® RO-3000 and  Pentair Water® RO-3500 Reverse Osmosis systems—which are certified by  the National  Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to reduce hexavalent chromium.  Residents can also purchase the Everpure Reverse Osmosis II or Everpure Reverse Osmosis III systems as these products also reduce the substance.

About Pentair

Pentair, Inc., ( is a global diversified industrial company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its Water Group is a global leader in providing innovative products and systems used worldwide in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water.

Pentair Residential Filtration, a division of Pentair, Inc., provides clean, safe and aesthetically-pleasing water to residences through long-standing partnerships around the world leveraging innovative, environmentally-focused and energy-saving technologies. Its distribution partners have access to the industry's widest range of high quality products available to meet all global residential water market needs. Under strong brands and product names such as GE, Homespring by GE, Everpure, PENTEK, Fleck, Autotrol, WellMate, AquaMatic, Structural, American Plumber and OMNIFilter, Pentair Residential Filtration offers a broad product portfolio ranging from filter housings, filter cartridges, drinking water systems, softeners, pressure vessels and control valves, so that partners can carry the best products to meet all residential water needs. With 2009 revenues of $2.7 billion, Pentair, Inc., employs approximately 13,000 people worldwide.

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