Wednesday, June 8, 2022

How do I Make Soft Water Less Slimy

How do I Make Soft Water Less Slimy

        In today's world not having hard water can create many problems in the home; with things like water spots on dishes, corroding of the water heater, dry hair and skin, staining of clothes, clogging of pipes and the list can go on. The remedy; a water softener, but why are water softeners so expensive?  Those are the two biggest questions in the beginning. Once the sticker shock has been dealt with, then it is time to buy a water softener. This water softener has the best reviews and the overall quality outweighs that of all the others. It is far more inexpensive than the others as well and the parts are easy to come by and less expensive than the others.

Benefits of a Water Softener        

        Having a water softener has many benefits like; less soap, conditioner, and softener are needed for clothes, hair and body. It cleans out the calcium build up in the pipes and more importantly it removes the calcium build up in the water heater and allows it to function more economically. Here is a visual of what happens to a water heater without a soft water. Having a water softener also allows clothes to keep the color, prevents staining caused by hard water. There are other benefits as well; overall, spending the money on a water softener saves money in the long run.

Cons of Having a Water Softener

        There are a couple of things to consider when owning a water softener; firstly, there is the high sodium content in the water. "In general, typically softened water contains about 12.5mg of sodium per 8oz glass. If this water were graded according to the same scale the Food and Drug Administration uses for foods, it would be considered “very low sodium.” ( By If that sodium level is still is too high for you, then a Reverse Osmosis for drinking or cooking would be in order.
        The slimy feeling from soft water can be a problem for some. Usually it is a person that has had hard water most of their lives and when they no longer have that dry rough skin, or the feeling of still having soap on the body it can be a difficult transition. That, to many is a welcomed benefit from having soft water; while others want the benefits of soft water, not all of the benefits of soft water are wanted. This being quite the conundrum, there are some ways to fix the most unwanted consequence of having a water softener, Slimy Water. Of the many ways, only one will be discussed here. It is the simplest and has the greater ease of calculation when making adjustments. 
       How to make slimy water not slimy; the bypass behind the water softener can be adjusted so as to allow unsoftened water to mix with softened water, this also provides for easy marking when making adjustments.

 Making adjustments; simply turn the bypass knobs toward the bypass position, start at the halfway mark.
Then use this kit to test for hardness but allow enough water to have gone through the faucet before testing, write down the results. 
Use the soap method by using the same soap that is used for bathing, wash hands and arms and feel to see if this is the particular water hardness/softness desired.
If it is still too slimy, continue to turn the bypass valves toward the bypass position.
If it feels too hard, return back towards the service position until the desired feel is attained.
Once the desired feel is attained, test for hardness again and write down that number and put it on your water softener for future reference. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Water Softener Review

Water Softener Review 2022

There are many water softeners out there and everyone says that their water softener is the best, so what I have done was to make a video and gave my experience with the various water softeners.  Now as a dealer and service man in the water softener industry I mentioned my favorite but the fact of my review is to help you as the consumer to choose the right one for you.  And though I do not sale the Fleck water softener I still recommend it for the consumer because you do not need a serviceman to repair your Fleck water softener and the parts are more inexpensive than the others.  Here is the Fleck water softener I recommend-