Monday, January 31, 2011

Is your tap water safe to drink

I have seen a lot of articles out there about our municipal drinking water and the more I see the more concerned I become. So I thought that though I really like to blog I would let someone else do the talking for a change.  As you will be able to see in the articles there are some major U.S. cities that have unsafe drinking water.  The problem is we never know if it is ours and it may already be too late.  I have seen many people die due to cancer and quite frankly I am tired of seeing good people die.  We many times just know where the cancer comes from but it just shows up and kills people and it does not care about the age, sex, nationality.  It just kills, it takes the lives of loved ones and leaves families with a hole in it.  It could very well be in our drinking water and we are not even aware of it.  Please take some time to view the link   You cannot afford not to.

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