Friday, November 5, 2010

Water Softeners Repair or Replace

Sometimes in life we are faced with costly decisions.  Usually we make them when we have funds available and though the money is handy if we fail to do some research we will spend money on something that could have been repaired and use the rest of the money for something else.  That's where we at All American Water Softeners&Filtration come in, our web address is   If you live in Decatur, Paradise, Alvord, Boyd, Azle, Keller, Chico, Bridgeport, Rhome, Springtown, Denton, Fort Worth or any other city in North Central Texas you probably have a water softener.  When there is a problem with it the following usually occurs;
1. You will buy a new water softener or water filter.
2. You will call a company out who usually can't or even worse won't fix it and sells a new water softener to you.
3. Put the water softener in bypass and ruin appliances.

I would encourage you to call us at (940) 389-4305 and let us look at it.  If we can't fix it we don't charge you.  Take a look at our website for some of the water softeners and water filters we service and repair and if yours is not in there call us anyway we probably didn't list it.  Water softeners and water filters can be repaired for far less than what you would spend on a new one.  Usually it is only a Piston/Seal and space kit, a motor, or main drive gear.  I know that may sound expensive but none of these parts are over $100.00 and most people would rather spend say $150.00 over buying a new water softener for $1,200.00-$5,000.00 depending on whom you buy it from.  So save money and call All American Water Softeners & Filtration at (940) 389-4305 or visit our website

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