Monday, November 8, 2010

Fleck Water Softener Valve

Today I went to Azle Texas to work on a water softener and lo and behold what did I find, a Fleck 5600 watersoftener.  It needed a piston seal and spacer kit and a new motor.  You may say well that doesn't mean it is a good one.  Well it does if it has been there since 1997.  THe customer told me he did not know how to work on them and he did not know what to do other than put salt in it.  Well that is the way it should be, you should not have to work on them and all you need to do is put salt in them and check to make sure that the time is correct so that it won't backwash at the wrong time. That is why we at All American Water Softeners&Filtration; use this brand.  You can see more on our web site   We work on just about everything but we primarily see Fleck brand products and they are almost never a problem.  If you are looking for a water softener to buy either for a new home, old home or to replace your last watersoftener please take a look at our website and you can see what they look like and perhaps get a little more information about them.  One note is to always check around, some people will charge you an arm, a leg and perhaps your first born. Though this is all revelant, if you don't have much money $1,500.00 can be a lot, if you have a lot of money $4,500.00 may be nothing.  That is why we offer financing.  But no matter what city you live in whether Azle, Decatur, Keller, Southlake, or anywhere else in the world if you need a watersoftener always check around and I recommend buying a Fleck water softener.  I do know that research is difficult and we at All American Water Softeners&Filtration will do our best to help. You can call us and we will do a free water test for Hardness, Iron, Ph and TDS (total dissolved solids) and give you our recommendation-for free, whether you buy it from us or not.  I would like to say that we will even meet or beat any price of like product.  Remember if you need help with your water softener needs go to our webiste or call us at (940) 389-4305  The picture below is a Fleck 5600 Metered Valve

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