Friday, November 26, 2010

Why a water softener

Many people ask this question and usually there are the common answers of; it will save your appliances, lower energy bills, use less soaps, shampoo's, conditioner's, it gives you smoother skin and silkier hair.  Though these answers are all correct I found another reason that I consider more important than the previous.  My grandson and I were sitting in a deer blind freezing waiting for that elusive deer to trot on by before I would shoot and miss because of my "shivering."  Since my attention span is less than his (6 yr old) I picked up my iphone and began my continuing education on water treatment and ran across this post; it was about manganese in the water and its effects on our children so I copied the link   I found it very interesting and thought I would blog on it.  We at All American Water Softeners&Filtration; want to educate our community to keep you informed.  If you have any questions about us please visit us at or call us at (940) 389-4305
Remember knowledge is power!!!

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