Friday, November 19, 2010

Fleck Water Filter Valve

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do business with a gentleman in Jacksboro Texas.  He had a Fleck 5600 Filter Valve that got stuck and kept backwashing.  He told me he had the filter for 13 years and it had done fine for all those years.  This is why we at All American Water Softeners & Filtration use these valves.  They are so reliable and user friendly I don't know why anyone would use anything else but to each his own.  He had the valve on a filter with carbon in it, but what he didn't know was it was time to change the carbon.  Carbon is like a sponge and adsorbs contaminants in the water.  He was using it for the sulphur smell and it had worked well for him until the odor came back and then he began to put chlorine in the well to rid the water of the smell.  I told him we could replace the carbon and put a new piston in the valve and he would have a good system again as long as he kept putting chlorine in the well which he thought was too costly and was tired of doing it but his wife was the one he had to please.  I recommended another alternative.  Sulphur can be oxidized with chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and air so I recommended our Chem Free Odor Eater with a twist.  Instead of buying the entire system we could use part of his and save some money, ($600.00) so he thought it would be a great idea since he would not have to put bleach in the well anymore and he would have odorless water in the house as well.  So I installed the new valve and put new carbon in it and no more chemicals or smelly water.  If you do any reading you will find that chlorine is linked to cancer and that is what they disinfect public water with.  You can go to our web site and see some of our products and how they may help you with your water. I then replaced his filters in his Reverse Osmosis System and he was in like flynn.  The thing I enjoyed most about the entire job was that when I gave his wife the bill she said "It's less than what I expected" that always pleases me to know my customers get a fair price and I can sleep at night after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner, (LOL just kidding) anyway I hope this info was hepful to those of you who read it, knowledge is power.

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