Wednesday, December 19, 2012


If you need drinking water and don't want to spend lots of money month after month or don't want to hassle with carrying those heavy bottles to the dispenser and then spilling water on the floor.  Then call us at All American Water and we will come out and install your very own bottled water dispenser.  It goes under your sink has its own faucet and best of all gives you clean purified water at your sink for less than what you have been paying each month.  There is no more wasting bottles of water, no more water bottles lying around.  You will also enjoy cooking with this great water and having foods taste better than cooking with water from the sink that is chlorinated unless of course you have a water well.  If you have a water softener this is also a great addition as it will remove the sodium ions that a water softener puts in your water when it regenerates.  So don't delay call us today, (940) 389-6850 

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