Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to winterize your water well

I know that the blog name is low cost water softeners but I am also a licensed pump installer and owned a water well company before I sold it. So i will be posting things on water wells here and giving you videos as well that I made when I owned my company. So if you live near wise county Texas we can be of help to you. You will want to take a look at this video in order to be familiar with your well house. Now that you are familiar you are ready to go

The things that are most important to winterize are the nipple just below the pressure switch and any metal parts on you equipment.  the metal parts will get cold and freeze much sooner that PVC parts.  You can use heat tape, insulation, or even a heat lamp.  Now I have seen things like blanket, rugs, hay, dirt and other objects used as well so if it works then I guess it is okay.

It is not necessary to insulate your pressure tank because it is so big around that the water in it will not be able to freeze.  So there is no reason to spend the money and have to deal with the fiberglass in the insulation.

Now if you have a water softener you will want to insulate the tank and any metal parts that may be on or near the water softener as well.  It would also be a good idea to put a heat lamp in the well house or near your water softener if it is in the garage since it is possible for the water softener to freeze up in the garage.

Most importantly is to just keep it warm in your well house or garage in order to prevent damage and incurring other costs because you really cannot go overboard unless you you insulate your water well tank or commonly known as a pressure tank.

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