Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Drinking Water-The Villages Florida

Have you ever smelled your water?  Can you smell your water?  Should you be able to smell your water?  These may seem like silly questions but in reality if you can smell your water and I'm not talking about the actual act of lifting your glass of water to your nose but the act of just turning on your water and being able to smell your water.  The next question is what does it smell like if in fact you are able to smell it?  Does it smell like Chlorine or does it have an earthy smell, kind of like freshly turned soil?  If it smells like chlorine then you definitely don't want to drink it and you may ask why does my water smell like chlorine?  The answer for that is simple, chlorine is used to disinfect the public drinking water so it is potable and safe to drink.  Well at least there are no LIVE bacteria in the water.  The chlorine kills them but the bodies are still there.  Yes you are drinking dead bacteria bodies in your water.  If the thought of that is more that you can stand then your need a reverse osmosis drinking water system that will give you purified water at your sink and for pennies on the dollar with no plastic bottles to throw back into our environment and no need to buy and tote those heavy cases of water into the house.  You simply lift your lever and get healthy clean purified water into your glass.

Now if your water has the earthy smell that is called Geosmin. Is Geosmin toxic?  What is Geosmin? In short this is what Geosmin is; Geosmin is produced by the gram-positive bacteria Streptomyces, a genus of Actinobacteria in the order Actinomycetales, and released when these microorganisms die. Communities whose water supplies depend on surface water can periodically experience episodes of unpleasant-tasting water when a sharp drop in the population of these bacteria releases geosmin into the local water supply.  So in other words you are drinking dead bacteria once again and this is another reason to get a reverse osmosis drinking water system that fits under your sink and provides clean, healthy purified water at your sink.

Now if you don't want the odor of chlorine or Geosmin coming into your home then you will want to buy a whole house carbon filter, which will remove the odor and chlorine as well as the dead bodies of bacteria and prevent them from coming into your home.

Now that you have purchased these items to keep your water safe and clean how are you going to put it in?  Well you can go to HERE and get a plumber to install them for you so you can have save and odor free water in your home and you can be a Happy Villager

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