Thursday, August 13, 2015

Water Softener Sales The Villages Florida

 Water Softener Sales The Villages Florida

When shopping for a water softener it can get quite difficult especially if you have different water softener salesmen come to your home.  They are all trying to get your business and rightfully so however each one will tell you that their water softener is the best.  I would like to give you some things to think about before you make your decision on buying a water softener.

1.  If it is an exclusive water softener then you will pay more to buy and to service your water softener than that of a more popular brand.
2. Parts will cost more to replace and so will the service call
3. Don't let them pressure you into buying NOW or giving you a discount for a buy now cash price
4. Do a little research and you will find that the Clack and Fleck valves are the most popular.
5. All water softeners work about the same and none are really better than the other when it comes to the consumer.
6. Buy a water softener that all service techs can repair, if not everyone can repair or replace parts then you are going to pay too much and can be held "Hostage" to that particular company or brand.

My recommendation is to buy a Fleck 5600 or a Clack WS1.  They both are quality and have been around for a long time and most service techs can work on them and if you are a DIY then you can find videos on you tube on how to do it yourself

You may also want to consider a Salt Free Water Softener or Salt Free Water Conditioner, they do work especially the ones found on this site;

Best Water Softener


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