Sunday, March 18, 2018

Do I Need A New Water Softener

Do I Need A New Water Softener

Over the past few years I have been called out to homes and the home owner asked me "Do I need a New Water Softener" because the guy that was here from the other company said that I need a new water softener.  It usually agitates me when I hear this because usually you never need a new water softener.  If there is a reason you need a new water softener they are far and few between.

 The Reason You Need a New Water Softener

I was called out to  a home and the home owner had another company at her home to see if there was a problem with her water softener.  It was a plumbing company and so I thought she had a plumbing company there because she had a plumbing problem.  Well, when he left she called me into her home and asked me to check here water softener.  I went outside and and ran it through its systems and found nothing to be wrong.  I then went into the house and tested the water and found it to be soft so that indicated to me that the water softener was working.  The home owner showed me the report and suggestions to her water softener problem,  the plumber said he "Pressed the button and the water softener didn't work" well that is a true statement, if you press the button it will not go into regeneration unless you press and hold the button.  He said she needed a new water softener and  quoted one that costs around $4,200.00 
the best water softener
Water Softener

The Real Truth About Water Softeners

As you are able to tell it only takes a few things to determine if the water softener is working, and if it is not then you most likely need some replacement parts but you will almost never need to buy a new one.  The most difficult thing is to find someone who will tell you the truth about the findings and not try and rip you off.  There are some things you can do to help.  Like get a water hardness test kit, watch a couple of videos on how to tell if your water softener is working, ask friends who they use for their water softener service and ask questions on forums or ask this guy on these videos, he seems to be honest and trustworthy and answers questions that people ask on his videos

She also asked me to check her reverse osmosis system, so I took my TDS tester and checked her water and did the numbers and found it to be fine though we did change the filters and membrane since she requested it.  I hope this article helps you to find the answers you need.


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