Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad Smelling Water

The other day I was installing a water softener and 5 stage reverse osmosis system in Frisco Tx.  I could not believe the smell of the water in that city.  It smelled just like freshly turned soil.  Yes that is correct, freshly turned soil.  I brought some home and let my daughter smell it and she told me the same thing, it smelled like freshly turned soil.  I live on a water well and have a water softener and a carbon filter because I have a little iron, hard water and some sulphur.  But to smell water that has the odor of soil is something I have never run across.  It makes me wonder what exactly is in the water.  I do not blame the municipality but it is odd to me to have such an odor.  I am glad they got a reverse osmosis drinking water system so I can know for sure that their water is not only soft but they also have purified drinking water as well.  If your water has an odor I would suggest you stop wasting money on buying bottled water and get yourself a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, that way you know that your water is clean because you saw it get cleaned and don't have to take the word of someone you don't know.  Check out the pic of what we installed below.

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