Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Water Softener

I just wanted to write about this new water softener that is put out by a company called Water Tech located in Carrollton Texas.  They have a water softener like no other.  It is called the Reionator and it does something that I have never seen before and has a warranty that others do not provide.  Here are some benefits;
1. No scale build up; Prevents scale build up in pipes, water fixtures and water using appliances

2. Atleast 10% energy savings; Conditioned water ensures efficient operation and long life of water appliances

3. State of the Art Control Valve; 1" electronic metered, fully programmable valve

4. Save on soap products; Soft water produces more intense cleaning.  You will use up to 50% less soap.

5. WQA gold seal certified; Certified to NSF standards 42 and 44

6. So slippery feel; Leaves no slippery residue on the skin

7. Limited life time warranty; Best warranty in the industry, Lifetime warranty on the tank, media and PC board.

This is perfect for city water as it will remove up to 3 ppm of chlorine taste and odor.  It still uses salt or potassium to regenerate but what water softener can remove chlorine. 

I have spoken to many water filtration guys and they love it, there is one company in Houston TX that sells at least 15 a month.  We have just begun to sell them and have installed one in Frisco Texas and have another install this week.  This is what I have been looking for as far as for city water.  I don't have to sell and install a carbon prefilter because this gets rid of chlorine that is bad for you, dries your skin as well as softens water, plus you get a lifetime warranty on top of that.  The great thing is that the price is under $2,500.00  I have not seen anyone else do that.

You can check it out at


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