Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Drugs in Our Water?

Because of my extensive time spent in the Marines and all the running I did because of necessity and of the love for running and in addition to playing soccer my body could no longer take care of me and thus I had to have double knee replacement.  I know that sounds painful and I am sure you are wondering how this relates to the title and water.

Well as most of us know unless you are really tough we have certain reactions to pain.  I for example am highly allergic to pain and the problem with that is there are very few pain meds that do any good to bring relief to my aching body parts.

Well I was given some cream to put on the area around me knee which is supposed to help with the pain.  I am very busy and don't really pay too much attention to most stuff and thank God for my wife who catches the small things that I often times overlook in life.  As she was asking about this interesting concept of a device like a pump that was full of pain reliever in the form of a cream I began to look at the ingredients since my curiosity was aroused by this ingenious invention.  There were many common pain relievers listed.  Most of which we are all familiar with and I thought well these are strong and perhaps this will bring some relief during my physical therapy.  After all it said use to pumps and use it 3-4 times a day.

I began to use the product and looked at the ingredients again and saw at the bottom (I hardly ever read to the bottom) a little warning.  It said "Do not flush this or any medication down the drain) I began to wonder at the question because hey we put all kinds of things down the drain why should this be any different.  Then baamm it hit me, it was a drug and in some cities the water district will reuse water.  It is sent through a plant and cleaned and disinfected and then put right back out there in public water systems.

Well I started thinking this will certainly affect people who may end up drinking water tainted with pain meds, psychological drugs, ADHD meds, high blood pressure medicine that leaves the body during urination and all the other meds that are dumped into the sinks and toilets then cleaned up and sent right back out there for reuse.  I wonder why we have a lot of health issues today.

Now this may not happen in every city but it is happening in many cities today.  With the ever increasing problems of the lack of water and droughts our country is experiencing today more and more cities may turn to this protocol in order to meet the needs of the people in the communities.  Our aquifers are lowering and rain is at an all time low for most states, this really sounds like a great idea.  It may be in order to take care of the water needs but if drugs are in our water and the water is only cleaned and treated and not filtered then these drugs that may help others may be detrimental to those of us who don't need them.

The fix, well one way is to find out where your water comes from, you can also send off for a test and see just exactly what is in your water.  Another option is to get a Reverse Osmosis System.  It is far better than a regular water filter.  A regular carbon block filter will remove most contaminants and is relatively cheap however a Reverse Osmosis will make your water 98-99% pure.  Or you can buy bottled water and use it to cook with and smaller bottles to drink from but you may run into other problems doing that. 

For the safety of yourself, your children and pets I would recommend a Reverse Osmosis System.  It goes under the sink and has its own faucet at the sink for great tasting drug free water. You can get one HERE

Crystal Quest Water Filters

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