Monday, November 17, 2014

Shower Filters

I have seen many water filters claiming many things and sometimes I think it is a hoax or some sort of sales gimmick.  One of those that I am on the fence about is the shower filters.  They are either carbon of KDF 55 which should only be used on city water because of the need of pressure to regenerate it correctly.  KDF 55 is very heavy and if the bed cannot be lifted then the contaminants it catches will not be flushed and thus no room for the new to be captured is present.  Another common filter is that of Carbon whether it be granular activated or carbon block.  Granular activated is simply loose carbon within the filter itself.  Carbon block is compressed carbon that the water must flow through in order to get to the other side.  Granular is free floating and though it catches almost all the constituents in the water the carbon block is much better but must be replaced more often.  I also tend not to listen the the people who like to create fear in order to sale their product.  I have heard it said that the steam that is made from the hot water in the shower is then inhaled and the chlorine is then ingested through the lungs and thus contaminating the body.  Thus justifying the need for a filter on the shower head.  I don't know that this would be true though it seems to be correct.  My concern is that we have far too many people with cancer today and for me I really think that one of these filters would be worth the money.  No one wants cancer and if I have to spend a few extra dollars a month in order to help prevent cancer in my life and that of my family then I am in.  Cancer is a devastating disease as you are well aware and I would not want to see it on my worst enemy let alone any family member.  As for me I would personally recommend the Carbon block filter .  There are many different filters out there so here are some that you can choose from to help you and your family.

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