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In today's world of water most people don't have water softeners because they either have soft water, don't want to pay a huge price for a water softener or may just not know the benefits to owning a water softener.

If you have soft water but you still seem to have a calcium build up on your sinks and tubs etc then you may want to take a look at one of these salt less water softeners because you may have soft water but your water may be just hard enough to leave a residue.

Salt Less Water Softener
       Meaning it is not 100% soft but still registers 3-4 grains per gallon hard which is considered soft to mildly soft. As you know it is just enough to leave a residue that you don't want to have on your counters for visitors to see.  You will also see the results with you hair, soaps and shampoo's.  This really is not a water softener but a water conditioner.  As the water passes over the media the calcium in the water is then  bound together so in sticking to itself it does not stick to anything else.  You will want to get a 2 cuft system as this will accommodate any size home and hardness.  If you have iron in your water then you will want to remove the iron first as it will coat the beads of the media and not allow them to create the bond that the hard water molecules need in order for them to stick to one another and will limit the life expectancy of the salt less water softener..  As mentioned before this has the same effects as a water softener by means of allowing the soap to actually have suds and the need to use large amounts of shampoo and conditioner much less in order to have soft shiny hair that the wife always seeks.

The price of a water softener can range from $400.00 to more than $4,000.00  So most folks think they get what they pay for just don't buy one since they cannot afford one. Here is a company that sales the best water softener for a great price    You'll find it is a Fleck 5600 which is the most popular and rugged water softener on the market.

Once you have a quality water softener you will see your water begin to change.  What I mean by this is that your water will go from hard to soft to hard again and then finally to soft.  What happens is that the hard water that comes into the water softener is then softened and is made aggressive.  As it travels through your pipes and hot water heater it is eating away at the calcium build up and thus if you were to test it, you may find that it is not completely soft.  We always recommend to wait at least 30 days until you see the 100% results of a water softener.  So for the next 30 days your water will change as the build up inside your pipes begins to be cleaned out and that old faucet you thought didn't have much pressure begins to have pressure for some strange reason.  Perhaps its not clogged with hard water deposits any longer. 

You will now only need to use about half or even less shampoo and conditioner on your hair as well as half the amount of laundry detergent.  In addition to less laundry detergent you can wash more of you laundry in cold water in order to get it clean unlike before whereas you would have to use hot water in order to get a clean load of wash.  This will also cut down on your hot water bill as well.  In addition to that you will see that your bright clothes tend to stay bright longer and you those unsightly stains that just pop up on that white blouse will no longer be popping up.  You will have cleaner brighter laundry for years to come since soft water also helps in the cleaning process because the dirt and grime can be removed easier with soft water rather than with hard water.

Having a water softener also affects the tastes of coffee and juices made at home.  With hard water it takes longer to make the coffee because of the calcium build up on the coils that heat the water as well as the soft water helps in getting rid of the bitter taste of strong coffee.  You will lose that scummy look on top of the coffee and if you love ice tea then you'll enjoy being able to look through your glass and seeing the other side knowing that you have calcium free great tasting water.

Now if you want to go a step further with your water taste then you will want to get a drinking water system that goes under the sink and gets rid of up to 99% of everything in your drinking water.  Talk about great tasting coffee or tea, well here it is.  This system gets everything out and all you get is great tasting water, coffee or whatever beverage you desire knowing that it is completely healthy and free of contaminants and your liver and kidney will be thanking you for years to come.

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