Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Best Water Softener

Many people will ask what the best water softener is and the answer will depend on who you ask.  For instance if you ask the guy selling you one, he will say that his is the best, or if you ask your neighbor he will say his is the best especially if he paid a huge sum of money for his water softener.  You can also read the article on how to buy a water softener

There are water softener reviews that can help, and you can find them on youtube and I am sure there are some write ups on the internet as well.  If you are reading this I would like to give you my unbiased opinion on the matter. I have almost 10 years experience in water softener sales and service and have seen many water softeners and what I think are the best out there.

Let's start with the low cost water softeners, one would think you get what you pay for and in some cases you can, however on the other hand when it comes to water it us important to know what is in your water in order to perhaps decide which one is best for you.  The first thing you will want to do is have your water test done and you can order a water test kit HERE

The reason for the test will determine what size water softener you will need based on the hardness level and to see what other contaminants are in the water and here is why.  If you buy one of the inexpensive ones and you live on a water well and sometimes have sediment then you will want to have a Pre Filter  in front of the water softener and the reason for this is to stop the sediment or iron from scoring the disk that helps suck the salt water from the brine tank and into the media tank to remove the calcium build up on the media beads.  Once the disk gets scored to badly it will not pick up brine water and will only overflow the brine tank and make a mess in the well house or your garage.  In reality it is always best to put a sediment cartridge in front of your water softener just in case you do begin to get sediment.  Small price to help the life of the piston, seals and spacers.

The inexpensive water softeners bought at the big box stores will work best on city water and yet I still say put in a pre filter and use a carbon pre filter as to stop the chlorine because the chlorine will ruin the rubber seals faster and the carbon filter will help remove sediment and other contaminants in the water.

The next type of water softeners you will find the most of are Fleck and Clack brand water softeners.  These are two of the most popular water softeners and are in my opinion are the best on the market.  The cost may vary depending on whom is selling them.  As another water treatment guy told me once, "Build value in your equipment and charge more" thought it is good business sense I don't believe in selling people anything.  I give people information and let them decide on their own.  Another good thing about the two water softeners I listed are that the parts for them can be purchased online and at a good price.  You can then find videos on youtube that will show you how to replace the parts simply and easily.

The water softeners I would stay away from are the ones that have a special manufacturer and the reason for this is once you purchase the equipment you must call that particular guy back for the service call.  Some of these manufacturers will not give another service member parts, as I ran into this problem when I owned my own company.  I had a customer who wanted me to fix their water softener and I called the representative for that particular water softener and he could not sale me parts because it was in his contract with the manufacturer.  So I turned my customer over to him which really is no problem for me since I always believe in scratching other peoples backs and it did pay off for me because he gave me referrals on other types of equipment, but the only problem I had was the high prices they charged and there was no way around it for the consumer or DIY kind of people.  Any way you have my view on those one of a kind water softeners.

The Fleck brand water softener can be purchased online at various prices but usually inexpensive though I know that is a matter of perspective.  If you don't have $100.00 then $100.00 is a lot of money.  Low cost water softeners has Fleck brand equipment on their site and the prices are good.  Clack brand water softeners are not supposed to be sold on the internet but sometimes are.  The reason for this is because they are digital valves and sometimes they get messed up and the consumer calls Clack and wants help because the company they bought it from doesn't know how to repair them or cannot tell you over the phone.  That was one of the first things they told me when I started selling Clack valves was that I could not sale them online. So if you want to buy a water softener you can get one from Low Cost Water Softeners and you will find them to be a good price compared to the local guy.  The local guy has to charge more because his demographics are different from one who sales online.

Now the real story on the best water softener is this, the water softener that you buy and like and serves you well for the money you paid is the very best water softener.  And from my professional experience I say either Fleck or Clack because you can buy Fleck parts online and it does not cost a lot for repairs and repairs come about 5-10 years later and the problem will be fixed for another 5-10 years.  So do your research first and keep all that I said in mind and if you have any questions you can comment here or you may email us at info@lowcostwatersofteners.com

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