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What is The Best Iron Filter

What is The Best Iron Filter

If you are reading this article then you probably have iron in your water and it is causing odor and staining your sinks, showers and if you use this same water for irrigation then it will certainly stain the walls of your house.  Having iron stains is one of the most undesirable things to have on your home not to mention the rotten egg like odor caused from the Iron Bacteria.  I have battled iron problems before and I am going to tell you how to get rid of iron in my water.

  How do you get rid of Iron Bacteria

A good indication of Iron Bacteria is the staining on your sinks and showers as well as the outside of your home.  Another indication of iron bacteria is the terrible rotten egg like odor and the metallic like taste in the water.  You will need an Iron Filter and one household item.  Here are some steps necessary to take in order to remove the bacteria.

1. You'll need to check your PH level to ensure that the waters PH is neutral or close because most water needs to be in a neutral state in order for this to work best.  Get PH test kit HERE
2.  On the top of your well head you will see a little blue or black plastic nut looking object, you'll need to remove this and using a funnel pour bleach into the well, you can use a 1/2 gallon of liquid bleach or more if you like but keep in mind that the more you use the longer it will take to get out of the water.  I usually use 1/2 gallon.  (make sure the bleach is standard bleach, not concentrate or any other type with odor etc.
3.  Once you have put in the liquid bleach you will need to get your hose and flush water into the same hole in order to wash the bleach off your pipes and it will also help stir up the bleach in the well.  Once you smell bleach coming from the hose you can turn it off and move to the next step.
4.  Go into the house and turn on all the faucets until you smell bleach coming from them, to include the hot water and the shower heads and outside faucet.  Every faucet in the home and or on the farm, all of them.
5. Now you can let it set for about an hour or so and this will kill all the Iron Bacteria in the lines and the well.  While you are letting the water sit in the well and the lines this is the best time to install your new Iron Filter
6. Once you have completed step 5 you can run your water until you have no more bleach in the water lines.

Iron Filter
The small hole is where you add bleach

Best Iron Filter
Why you don't use powdered bleach

The Best Iron Filter

The best iron filter is the one I have listed below.  It has a Fleck 2510 valve and when the water comes into the filter it hits a little basket in the top portion of the tank and that water then splashes inside the tank and the iron is oxidized and it becomes a solid and is caught in the medium inside the tank.  When it is back washed out the tank draws another air bubble in and the process is repeated.  I have used this system on every home I put Iron Filters in and it always works.  I also do the above process each and every time I install a new system.  I have seen other iron filters out there and this one is what I have in my home and is the only one I recommend hands down.  The important thing to remember with all of this is that the PH of the water must be higher than 6.5 in order for the system to work.

How do I Know the Iron Filter will Work

Many times you see people sell products and they don't work but here I have put a video of my system and my testing it so you can see that this iron filter really works.  Get the filter HERE

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