Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Which Kind of Salt Do I use for my Water Softener

Whats the Best Water Softener Salt

That is a commonly asked question because there are various types of water softener salt on the market.  Each on has its own price and different kind of bag not to mention potassium as well.  Many of us who have water softeners want the best water softener salt to put in our water softeners so we can have the cleanest and most effective water softener media possible.  Here is a video; https://youtu.be/ZkgGVCwHc2I

What Kind of Salt Should I Use in My Water Softener

I have had many customers as my that question over the years and in the beginning I used to tell them whatever the cheapest is but after gaining some experience over the years I've learned to ask some questions as to why they are inquiring about a certain brand or kind of water softener salt or why do they even want to know.  So I ask a couple of questions like; what size water softener do you have, how hard is your water.  The reason for this is that they may have a water softener that is too small for the hardness and will need to use more salt then I would say to buy the cheapest salt.  Another question is; do you have iron in your well water?

If so then they would need a larger dosage of salt or they can buy the salt in the green bag that is made for iron in the water, in either case they are going to spend more money on salt or they can just buy an iron filter and put up the money up front but then can use cheaper salt and save money in the long run.  Some people want to know which is better the salt crystals or the salt pellets and in either case they are both prone to making a salt bridge in the brine tank.  That is when the salt has bridged and the water never makes it up to the salt and the water softener is not cleansed with salt and you will have hard water in the house.  Really the best kind of salt is the one that works best in your softener or can be the cheapest brand.  The other thing is after about a year the water in your salt tank looks terrible because most salt is dirty with one exception.  It is Morton salt.  If you compare the salt pellets to one another you will find that the Morton brand pellets are the cleanest and leave the brine tank cleaner as well.

Now for the best answer for all cases is to use the cheapest salt and combined with this product you will safe money and time by shopping online.  The product is called Resup and it is a food grade phosphoric acid and is dripped inside the brine tank to help clean the media in the water softener.  This is the best alternative and the most inexpensive as an addition to your water softener salt.  A gallon of Resup should last up to about 6 months with the 1/2 oz per day dispenser, both can be seen below.  The 1/2 oz dispenser has the yellow tube.  https://youtu.be/ZkgGVCwHc2I

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