Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We are a water well drilling, water well service and water well equipment company.  We can drill your well in Wise County, Montague County, Clay County, Jack County, Tarrant County, Denton County, Parker County just to name a few.  If you are not located in one of these counties call us and ask, you never know where we might go.  Just some up front information, in Texas we now have water districts and each district usually charges a permit fee in order to register the well and get your permit.  For example Tarrant County charges $500.00.  The Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District charges $175.00 for their permit.  Denton County also requires a county permit of $50.00 before you can drill your water well. Some other bits of information that may help you; the land owner must sign the registration form, what that means is that just because your father gave you 5 acres but your name is not on the deed at the title company then you are not the land owner as far as the water district is concerned.  It does take some time for us to get the application approved and then get you on the list to have your well drilled.  It kind of works like that for all companies.  Some customers get over anxious about getting the well drilled and want it done right away.  We understand the anticipation however a thing you may want to remember is that there are people in line (you can't see them) ahead of you and each water well drilling company tries to get to its customers as quickly as possible.  Sometimes if we are in your area drilling a water well we can just jump right over and get yours done sooner because we are in the area.  What we don't want to do is drive from one side of North Central Texas and then back again to drill water wells.  With the high cost of fuel we try and manage our time and resources as well.  Also please keep in mind that a water well drilling rig is a big peice of machinery and from time to time they break down and or need maintenance, when this happens it puts off the customers drill date another day or so and as you know the snowball effect begins. Please be understanding and patient with us or any water well drilling company you are using as some things just cannot be avoided.  We as well as other water well drilling companys appreciate you and your business and are grateful for your patience.  So if you need a water well drilled please call us at
(940) 389-6850 or visit us at www.allamericanwaterwell.com

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