Sunday, November 4, 2012


I got a call from a man in Decatur Tx who said he had no water and was afraid his pump had gone out on him.  When we showed up we put the ammeter on it and found that the pump was running but he had no water comming to the surface.  Well that was a good sign, if the pump is running and you are not getting any water that can be a good sign, it usually means that there is a hole in one of the couplers or pipe.  We pulled the pump and found not only a hole in one of the couplers but the coupler was almost gone.  The good thing is that the coupler did not break and the pipe fall, then it could have been a fishing problem.  It was an easy fix and we got him back in water in no time.  The moral of this story is two things, if you don't have water please don't assume the worst as he did, and the other is if you don't have the money to pay for a pump, with us there is no problem, we can let you pay it out.  We understand that sometimes life happens and we extend grace to folks in their time of need and life happens to all of us.  So if you have no water then call us and we will come right out and get your water running again.  Here is a couple of pictures of what it looked like.  The pic on the left is with the pipe attached to the coupler and as you can see it is barely hanging on.  The pic on the right is the coupler sitting on my tool box with a white box in the background.  You can see how big the hole is

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