Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boiled Water Report Fort Worth Texas

You come home from work throw the mail on the counter next to the sink and decide you need a drink of water before you read the mail, you put your glass under the tap and fill your glass about half full.  You put the glass to your lips take a large gulp of a cold glass of water that refreshes your taste buds.  You start looking through your mail while taking another drink of water finishing all that's left in the glass and then you suddenly see a letter addressed to you with the words "Warning Read Immediately".  You hurry and open the letter thinking it is another sales promotion and then you notice it is from the city.  "Boiled Water Report"  interesting you think until you begin to read that there was some sort of problem with water purification system for the city and they tell you not to drink the water without boiling it first.  It suddenly dawns on you that you have just had a glass of this water that you should have boiled.  Great, you think and now what to do?

I am not saying this happened but what I am saying is that it can happen in any city on the country and has happened in some of the cities near Fort Worth.  Most people have either heard of the boiled water reports or just drink bottled water.  The problem with bottled water is that Reverse Osmosis water is aggressive and can eat at the plastic bottle and cause the water to have a taste which makes one think where did that taste come from.  Perhaps the bottle itself, or how many times have you gone to take a drink a bottle of water and smelled chlorine just as the bottle reached your lips?  Is that really clean water though it is disinfected?

My suggestion is to get yourself a reverse osmosis system which will deliver bottled quality water to your sink and allow you to have 98-99% unadulterated water.  The system will pay for itself if you drink a lot of water.  The system should cost around $500.00.  Well that seems expensive so why can't I buy one from the big box store down the street?  Many times I have been in the big box store and seen customers upset because they don't carry the filters for the particular RO system they have and thus must buy another new one or not one at all.  So if you decide to get an RO then you'll want to do some research and find out where you can buy filters and how much they cost.  Years ago I made a service call to a house for an RO filter change and when I found out how much the filters cost me I could have sold the lady a brand new system.  Most replacement cartridges should run from around $10.00 to $20.00 with a membrane about $75.00-$100.00  I would recommend to stay away from the twist lock kind of cartridges only because the cost is kind of high for the replacements.  Do your homework, drink clean water and stay healthy

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