Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bottled Water in America

The international Bottled Water Association (IBWA) announced that First Lady Michelle Obama's Drink Up campaign has increased bottled water sales.  IBWA is a sponsor of the campaign. A new study from Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) showed the online ad campaign resulted in a three-percent increase in incremental sales among those who saw the advertising.  This generated almost $1 million dollars (USD) in incremental retail bottled water sales.  A statement from NCS said the sales per impression increase was the highest among fence-sitters, generally younger, impressionable consumers who seek convenience n their eating habits.  According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation (BCM), approximately 31 percent of what Americans drink is water and of that figure, more than 50 percent is bottled water.

My thought is that more and more Americans are becoming aware of the importance of drinking water and that the bottled water is much more healthy than what comes from the tap.  Though I think that everyone needs Reverse Osmosis because the water put into bottles leaches the plastic into itself and thus we are consuming toxic petroleum byproducts.  Water should not have a taste though sometimes you will drink bottled water and it will have a taste, I wonder why. Crystal Quest Water Filters

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