Friday, October 17, 2014

Tastes in the water supply network Houston Texas

What determines the taste of the water in the supply network?  In general. there are organoleptic (acting on or involving the use of the sense organs) parameters that are specified in standards and regulations, which define permitted levels and sensory thresholds.  It is clear that the maximal permitted contaminant levels provide high safety margins with respect to taste thresholds.  One of the goals as POU treatment is to prevent reaching the smell and taste threshold. In the US, the organoleptic parameters are indicated in US EPA standards.  In addition to the maximal permitted level, there are specific thresholds for tastes and odors from sources that are organic and inorganic, according to the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

The thresholds for identification of substances through smell or taste is higher than the permitted threshold for drinking water.  Additional possible sources of tastes in drinking what may stem from technical faults or execution of works in the water treatment system, the presence of organic compounds in the surface water, problems stemming from various types of contamination or pollution (such as sanitary or industrial sewage), execution of work in the public network and problems in the private network.  A case in point is the taste of water in the network that supplies water to customers located near ocean shorelines.  These customers may be supplied with high concentrations of chlorides due to uncontrolled infiltration of seawater, whose source is the seawater freshwater interface.  These cases constitute a challenge for selection of the specific technology for treating the taste originating from the network water.

Really the bottom line is we all want water that tastes great and is sanitary.  For the most part we really don't want to know where it comes from though sometimes it is nice to know and at other times we really don't want to know only because of the psychological effect.  Of my years in water treatment and water well service that is one thing that I have discovered that people want most.  Clean, great tasting water no matter what the cost or at times inconvenience.  I always recommend a reverse osmosis system that goes under the sink and has its own faucet next to the current one.  This is the guarantee that you get clean great tasting water in the home.

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