Friday, January 23, 2015

My Water Softener Keeps Running Water to The Drain

Let's say you live in the city and you get your water bill and it is much higher than normal. You think to yourself that we are in winter months and people tend to use less water in the winter months than during any other time of the year. Where is the water going? Why can't I see it in my yard or anywhere else for that reason. What the heck is going on?
So the wife goes into the garage to do laundry and notices the sound of running water and thinks to herself that is odd, why is there water running in the garage? She looks around and sees nothing, she looks in the washer and nothing, she even looks by the hot water heater and still finds nothing but as she walks by the water softener she thinks she hears water there. I don't see any water running but I can barely hear it she says to herself. So she calls you out and you take a look at it and then you pull the little hose out of the pipe in the back of the water softener and baaammm you see water running from the hose into the pipe. So you ask yourself why it is doing that. The water softener is in the service position and there is salt in the salt tank so what is going on.
So you get online and find this blog that tells you what the problem may be. The first thing you want to ask yourself is; did someone do some plumbing before the water softener? The reason you ask this is because sometimes when work is done to the water line before the water softener either PVC glue or some other object has gotten in the piston or rotor disc area and water is bypassing the system because of the PVC glue or other object like solder or plumbers tape. So what do you do know? You can be a DIY and go online and find a video that shows you how to take out the piston, seals and spacers on your fleck or clack valve or how to remove the rotor disc on the sears, kenmore, whirlpool type water softeners.
So let's say you are not a DIY then you call your water softener service man (it is better to call someone who knows how to work on a water softener rather than a plumber who does not know what he is doing on a water softener)and he arrives and takes apart your water softener valve and finds the object in the piston, seals and spacers. He has to replace the seal kit and offers to replace the piston as well. The reason to replace the seal kit is because the rubber seals often tear and that is where the water bypasses. You may need to replace the piston especially if it is a Fleck 5600 or 2500 valve is because the piston is made of brass and has a teflon coating and sometimes the coating comes off or is rubbed off and water will bypass and go to drain as well. So you pay your service man his fee and no more problems. However as you watched him you noticed that you could have done that yourself so for the next time you take down this web address for water softener parts 
and click on any item and it will take you to the parts page for you to buy the correct part for your water softener. 
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