Wednesday, January 14, 2015

You Need a New Water Softener

I was called to a ladies home to check her water softener and when I showed up I saw a plumbing company's truck parked across the street and thought nothing of it.  I knocked on the door and the lady came to the door and said the water softener is around the side and asked if I could check it out.  So I went around the side and checked it out and found nothing to be wrong with it. 

I went back to the door and knocked and she answered and told me to wait until she was done with the plumber, so I replied sure and went and sat in my truck.  I saw the plumber leave and as he did he made note of the company information on the side of my door.  So he went and sat in his truck and sat there doing paper work I guess.

I went and knocked again, the lady answered and had me come inside she directed me to the kitchen and when I got there I tested the water and checked her reverse osmosis system.  Her water was soft and the water that came from her reverse osmosis system had tested to be well above 85% pure water.  (You test RO water with a TDS meter by getting before and after results and then using a formula which will give you the results you need to determine if the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be replaced)  I tested the water and as I said above that is was good.

So she asked me the results and I told her that the water softener was doing okay and softening the water like it should, I pointed out that the reverse osmosis system was doing its job and that she was okay on both pieces of equipment and that all was good.

She said well tell me what you think of this, she pointed out an estimate from the plumber that said
"I pushed the button and the water softener did not work"  Well of course it is not going to work if you press the wrong button, then the estimate said that to replace that water softener it would cost over $4,000.00.  That is not to mention that this particular water softener had a lifetime warranty on the tank, PC board and media.  I even called the vendor for this particular piece of equipment and verified with them that this particular customer still had the warranty and sure enough they did.

The purpose of this post is that if you are told by someone that you need a new water softener, I would suggest that you get a second opinion or maybe even a third.  Have each technician to write down their findings and then compare.  If one is way of from the other one or two then you have your consistency and you may save a lot of money and or have spent very little to get a correct opinion.

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