Saturday, January 3, 2015

What is The Best Kind Of Water Softener Salt

When I had my water softener company many of my customers would ask what kind of salt should they use.  I always responded with what I used as a water softener service company which was the most inexpensive water softener salt.

What I should mention first perhaps is what kind of water softener salt should you not use, though it is not even water softener salt but swimming pool salt for the salt water pools.  It is a very granular almost like what you may serve at the table and to my knowledge and experience it does not work as I found it in a salt tank (brine tank) at a home and ended up dumping it out.  Though thinking about it now perhaps it can be used since it is salt but it really isn't designed to be used for water softeners.  Another type of salt I found at a home which is okay to use however you may spend hundreds of dollars more is rock salt.  It is okay to use but it comes in such small boxes you would have to fill your basket and who knows how much that salt would cost.

I have always used the most inexpensive water softener salt since for the most part it really doesn't make a difference.  Though let's say you used the tablet or pellet form and you had problems with it making a salt bridge then perhaps you may want to switch to the granular type which is usually found in the blue bag instead of the yellow bag.

There are cleaner forms of water softener salts on the market.  The Morton's salt is one of the cleanest I have seen.  If you pour it side by side you can see the difference and it comes in a pellet form.  Some people like this kind because after a year or so the water in the brine tank begins to look pretty yucky and at the bottom of the salt tank you can find lots of dirt and other nasty stuff there.  It is not found to be unsanitary but it may be a good idea to allow your salt to run out and then disconnect the small tube and clean out the brine tank, I do know once you do you will feel good about it.

The green bag of salt?  The one with the form of hydrochloric acid that helps clean the beads if you have iron.  The regular salt will work fine though I have never done a test to see which is better.  I do know the non green bag is cheaper than the green bag.  There is a product called Resup that can be bought online or your local water softener service company may have it, you will need to put it in a dispenser and you will want to get the 1/2 oz per day dispenser which is the one with the yellow wick.  The 1 oz per day will put more than enough Resup in the tank.  Resup is a food grade hydrochloric acid that does a great job at cleaning the beads for the cost.  If you find that your water is blue particularly in your toilet after purchasing this product it is likely that you used the toilet the same time the water softener was regenerating and thus got it in the lines.  If you run the water for a moment it will clear up and all will be well.

Potassium?  You may use this product though it is almost 5 times as expensive as salt and does a great job but the price really is not worth it.  It is mainly used for people who are environmentally conscious.  It is environmentally friendly and does not damage the vegetation that salt may destroy.

All in all the best water softener salt for you is the one that cleans like it needs to, fits your budget and does not keep creating salt bridges.


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