Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Water Softener Sales Azle Tx

A short while ago we got a call from a restaurant in Azle Tx called Epic Grille.  They had heard from one of our customers that we could help them with their drinking water.  Our customer had gone there to eat and had mentioned that the water did not taste good.  The owner said that he had called a water treatment company and said that their price was high, so our customers told him we could probably help with both.  So we got the call and went to see what we could do.  We tested the water, listened to what the problem was and offered our services.  The owner of Epic Grille was wanting the taste of the water better than what you can get out of the tap.  If you live in Azle Tx then you know that the water does not taste real good.  I had noticed that the glasses they served water and tea in were spotting so I also offered him a water softener to keep the glasses from spotting up.  We gave him our bid and he agreed since we were considerably lower than the other guys and gave him more to help with the hard water.  He purchased our PuROmax 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System and a water softener to condition all the water in the store. After the installation you could tell immediately that the quality of water was significantly different, actually better.  So if you live in or are passing through Azle Tx stop in at the Epic Grille and have a great meal and taste the water, you'll find the food is wonderful and the water is satisfying.  You will be able to kill three birds with one stone.  You can spend some time out with that special person, eat a fabulous meal and taste and see that the water is good and if you want your water changed in Azle tx you can call us and with the money you save go visit the Epic Grille for another meal.

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