Friday, September 14, 2012

Water Well Service Chico Tx (940) 389-6850

We got a call to a house without water.  When we arrived we began to go through our normal checks and found that the problem was in the pressure switch. We found ants in the pressure switch.  This is just a note for the home owner.  If you have no water from your water well and before you call a water well service company you may want to turn off the electricity to your pump and go and see if there are not ants or a spider or some other foreign object in the contacts of the pressure switch, if there is something there then you may want to blow them out or use an old toothbrush, that's what I use and clean the debris from the contacts and then turn the breaker back on.  If you hear water rushing into the tank then you saved yourself $85.00 atleast if you call us, and usually we will not charge you that amount if that is all it was but I am not sure about what the other guys cost though I have been told that we are not as expensive, who knows but if you can fix this yourself then as the old saying goes "A penny saved is a penny earned" and in this case it is dollars.  If your pump does not come on then give us at All American Water Well a call at (940) 389-6850 and we will come to your rescue.  Check out our youtube videos               

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