Thursday, September 13, 2012

Water Well Service Krum Tx (940) 389-6850

We got a call the other day about a family that had a lot of air in their lines, they said that the toilet lids were just aobut coming off and that they had air spurting out of the faucet.  When we arrived we found this to be true and the problem was a combination of things.  The first problem was that the pressure tank was bad.  It was a bladder tank and had no air in the air pocket above the bladder.  This can sometimes create air in the lines by letting the air out of the air pocket and getting it into the water lines.  I also wanted to check the well and when I took off the pressure relief valve on the well head I found that there was no water standing in the top of the pipe, I also noticed that as I loosened the pressure relief valve I could hear a suction as the water began to fall it started sucking air from the surface.  This indicates that there is either a hole in a coupler that holds the 20 foot sections of pipe together or the other cause is that the check valve at the pump has gone bad and allows the water to flow back into the well sometimes creating a sand problem or causing the pump to short cycle and raising your electric bill.  We had to pull the pump and fix the problem as well as replace the pressure tank to alleviate all the air in the lines.  If you have air in your lines it would be a good idea to call a water well service company or you can call us All American Water Well at (940) 389-6850 and we will come get you taken care of.  Check out our youtube videos

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