Thursday, September 13, 2012

Water Well Service Azle Tx (940) 389-6850

We got a call the other day by a customer who had air in the lines.  When we got out there we found that they certainly did have air in the lines.  They had so much air that it was almost blowing the toilet lid off.  The guy that was there previous to use had charged the home owner more than $500.00 to rebed his water softener.  He called us because we also sale and service water softeners and we sale and service water filters.  The problem was not the water softener but it was what is called the AVC valve or the Air Volume Control Valve.  It allows excess air out of the pressure tank if there is too much.  With this standard system it allows for a 20 foot column of air to be put into the pressure tank when the pump comes on, this air is then compressed and is what give you pressure in the house.  If there is too much air in the pressure tank then you need a new AVC.  That is when you can call some one for your water well service and they will come out and fix it for you or you can call us at All American Water Well (940) 389-6850 and we will get you squared away.  Check out our youtube videos

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