Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best water softener in Azle Tx

Yesterday we put in a water softener in Azle Tx.  The reason I consider it the best is for the following reasons;
1. It has a 10 year warranty on the tank
2. It has a 5 year warranty on the valve
3. It has a battery back up so it won't regen at the wrong time
4. It can be set to regen whenever you want it to without having to trick the clock
5. It has a diagnostics screen that gives lots of useful information to the technician
6. Parts are easy to get and you won't need to upgrade or buy a new one in 5 years

These are just a few features and benefits of the water softener we sale.  We sale this particular type of water softener because it is important to us to take care of the customer.  There are companies out there that sale a water softener that in 5 years the softener or its part have been discontinued and they have to upgrade or buy a new one.  That is not the right way to make a company grow.  We at All American Water believe you make a company grow by referal business and that is done by taking care of customers not yourself first.  With this in mind you may want to ask the company who might sale you a water softener or work on yours a few questions.
1. Is he or she licensed? If so then ask to see it. Plumbers are not water softener technicians!!!
2. Ask them about their product and what they know about it.
3. Ask them how to disassemble it.  Many will either just sale you one or install it but cannot service it.
4. Ask them if they can name the different kinds of valves on the market- Autotrol, Fleck, Clack, Aquatech
5 Ask what kind of tank it is, Answer should be; Structural or Clack or maybe something else but it will be listed on the tank.
 These are some questions that will help you when it comes to either purchasing a water softener or finding a good technician to work on yours without having to replace the whole thing since most can be repaired without replacing them.

For the best water softener we sale "Clack."  They have been in the business for a long time mostly making medias that go inside the tank but have come out on the market 10 years ago with a superior valve.  They actually got the guys from one of their competitors to help build a better valve than the one you see out there most.  None the less if you like one of the others we sale them too but we prefer the "Clack" valve over all the rest because we believe in the best.

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