Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reverse Osmosis- Good or Bad

I had a cusotmer call me the other day and tell my that RO water was not good for her.  I asked why and she said that it takes all the minerals out of the water.  She has a water softener and that the water softener takes out the minerals.  The RO is to remove the sodium in the water.  So I go home and tell my wife about this and she also told me her doctor told her that.  my wife did not get the same response my customer did.  First lets think about what we are talking about.  We want good water to drink.  If you live on a well or have public water then you need a RO system.  Why? Because you don't know what is in your water exactly.  If you have public water you need and RO system because they too get their water either from a well or from a lake and then it is chlorinated which is not good for you and sometimes even put in flouride which is worse in some reports.  So what do we do? We buy bottled water which is processed with, wait for it, wait for it, that's right, RO and Ozone and UV.  It is then put into a bottle that can leach byproducts out of the plastic into your water and then you consume it.  How may times have you opened a bottle of water and were able to smell chlorine?  That's because they have not changed the filters to block the chlorine and then what do you think the chlorine does to the plasstic bottle you are drinking out of?  Let''s get real.  If you have a RO you know that it is working and if you are not sure you can buy your own test equip which is not too expensive or have someton come out and test it for you.  Next, don't we get some minerals from the food we eat and can't we buy vitamins and mineral at the store to take as well?  I'm not a doctor and the doctor is not a water treatment specialist.  Hey I'm not trying to get on doctors especially since I was told that a heart doctor once said that every one needs to have a RO System.  The bottom line is with the information highway out there like we have now days we need to find balance and just look around and see what is really real and give some thought to what we believe, not everything on the internet is correct- this blog can certainly be suspect as well though I do research on things like this, but wait what if my information is incorrect- well who knows but it does make sense to me and I hope it does to you.  After all its your life do as you feel but have a great day.

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