Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Water Well Service Chico Tx (940) 389-6850

We were called out by a customer saying they had sand in their water.  When we arrived we found the problem, it was a bad check valve at the pump.  The check valve allows water to flow in one direction but does not allow it to flow back and with the water falling back into the well it stirred up the water and stirred up the sand as well as the electric bill.  How does is stir up the electric bill?  What happens is that the water will bleed back into the well and as it does is loses pressure in the pressure tank and the pump comes on again and again and again and if you are not paying attention you think is must be because we have the water on or the A/C on more than usual.  This constant on and off will shorten the life of your pump and drive up your electric bill.  So we pulled the pump put in a new check valve and her problems went away, well at least the water well problems went away I'm really not sure about any other problems she was having (LOL).  Anyway it is good just to go out and run some water in the yard and then go to your well house and listen for a moment, if something sounds funny then call us and we will talk to you over the phone and try and help you figure it out or reassure you that all is well.  (No pun intended)  You can visit our web site at or call us at (940) 389-6850
We also just started posting videos on youtube to educate the homeowner about their well, you can find that at

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