Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Water softener Alvord Tx

We installed a water softener the other day in Alvord Tx.  The lady told us that her toilet was not working correct so we went in to see if we could help or if I needed to call my friend from All Hours Plumbing at (940) 799-7066.  The problem was that some of the holes that the water comes out of were plugged from all the calcium in the water.  In our business we see a lot of stuff and I thought I had seen just about everything but I guess I haven't.  I was so shocked that the hard water had blocked the holes that allowed the water to come out and help the bowel dump its contents.  I told the lady that over time the soft water would clean in out and the toilet would work like new and that she did not need to buy a new one.  We will keep you updated on the results.  I really can't imagine what the hot water heater looks like on the inside and how soon will it be before she has to buy a new one.  This is what her toilet looked like

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