Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Water Softener Sales Willow Park Tx

Well we just installed not a water softener but our saltfree max scale preventer ( in Willow Park Texas.  As we were talking with the customer prior to the installation they had mentioned that the water supply was terrible and that they had received a water quality report and we were able to see it.  If you live in Willow Park Texas which is kind of next door to Weatherford Texas then you know what a serious problem you have with your water.  The good thing for our customer is the system we put in for them.  The first thing we installed was a carbon filter, which will reduce or remove many of the contaminants in their water.  Carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, sediment, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water. They are not effective at removing minerals, salts, and dissolved inorganic compounds.  Then we installed our salt free max which is a scale preventer that prevents scale from building up on appliances, hot water heaters dishwashers etc.  The water in Willow Park Tx is 18 grains per gallon hard(GPG).  Water Quality Association says that 10 GPG is extremely hard, so you can tell where they stand and why it is so important to have a water softener in Willow Park Tx.  And the third thing we installed was our PuROmax 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system that gives them bottled water at their sink so they don't have to spend hunderds of dollars each year on bottled water that never even gets finished.  So for around $3,500.00 they have clean water that won't harm their appliances and is drinkable.  What a small price compared to that of new hot water heaters, dishwashers, cleaning products etc. not to mention great drinking water at pennies per gallon.  Don't delay call us today.  Let us help you.

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