Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bottled Water Decatur Tx-All American Water(940)389-6850

I got a text from a friend of mine asking me to come and test her water because she was concerned of what was in it.  So I came out and explained that the tests are very expensive.  Their family drinks a lot of water and she was concerned with some of the things her children may be ingesting.  So I offered her an alternative, it is our PuROmax 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system that goes under the sink and gives you bottled water at your sink.  I told her we have one in our house and that there are several benefits to having one; for instance, how much do you pay for bottled water from the store?  She paid $20.00 a month and not all the water was consumed-wasted water = wasted money.  Almost all bottled water goes through the reverse osmosis process before it is bottled, so how do you know the last time they changed their filters or membranes in the system?  You don't but if you had your own under your sink you would be able to have us come test it to see if you needed to replace them and you could keep on top of it and be in control instead of trusting some company you don't even know.  Also how practical is it to pour those little bottles of water into your coffee maker?  It's not, but you can go over to your kitchen sink and get bottled water from your own faucet and fill your coffee maker with great tasting water that has no chemicals and other things removed for a great tasting coffee.  Even Starbucks uses Reverse Osmosis technology for their coffee, I know this because we service the one in the Hilton in down town Fort Worth.  So stop trusting someone you don't know and stop throwing away money on bottled water and start calling us to come buy and show you how to save money and have great tasting water (940)389-6850

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