Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water Softener Sales Decatur Tx-All American Water

I met a builder friend in the parking lot at Lowes and was wanting to give him my card so that if he needed any of our services he could call on us.  Well he said he wanted to buy a water softener which kind of threw me for a loop since I was not expecting that one, but hey what was I going to say, uh nope you'll have to buy from someone else, why of course not, I had to remain calm and compose myself, wow I was just going to give out my card and BAM he wants a water softener.  I know I am making a big deal out of nothing, true, but it's my blog and I just thought I would be creative.  Any way we were talking and I asked why he hadn't gotten one long before now and he said he just didn't have it in the budget when they built their house and that now was a good time for him to buy one.  So we went out checked the water and got it put in and was also able to surprise his wife since she had no idea he was doing it.  I am actually shocked that she had not made him put one in before now since hard water plays havoc on womens hair, with making it brittle and dry as well as making the skin dry and yellowing the whites.  I know his wife and she is an awesome woman so that's why it took so long because she is very understanding.  Usually it is the wife who helps keep our company in business and I do understand, if mamma's not happy no one is happy if daddy is not happy no one cares.   Call us and let us make mamma happy  (940) 389-6850

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