Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water Softener Service Decatur Tx-(940) 389-6850

One of our long standing customers called and said Jim you need to get out here my wife's dishes are white and she is not happy.  Uh oh, I know what that means, if momma's not happy no body is happy and if daddy's not happy no body cares.  So we got out there right away and started our investigation.  I took the valve apart and low and behold what did I find?  PVC glue stuck in the piston and the seals and spacers.  Now usually you will find this if an inexperience technician or someone else who did some plumbing using some pvc glue did not put the water softener in bypass and flush out the glue before putting it in service.  Well I was not the inexperienced technician because I learned the hard way one night, yes I said one night.  It was the night before Thanksgiving and I had just installed a water softener that took all day with all the trenching and what not and I did not know to put the system in bypass before I flushed out the lines, well needless to say I had to come back and clean out the pvc glue from the valve because it was not working.  Lesson learned.  In this case it was pvc glue that had broken loose from the inside of the pipes and had gotten in the valve.  Moral of this story, if you decide to do your own plumbing before your water softener or if your water well guys come out and do something to your well that requires using pvc glue you may want to put the watersoftener in bypass and flush out the lines to an outside faucet and wait for the water to foam a little and wait to see the peices of glue before you put it into service so you won't have to call someone to come fix the watersoftener or worse yet, let your wife get a white film on the dishes, it's not worth the hassle.  You can also call us for your water well work because we know what it's like to have an unhappy momma! and we are also licensed for water well work too.  You can check us out at or or just call us at (940) 389-6850

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