Saturday, October 6, 2012

Water Softener Service Rhome Tx-All American Water (940)389-6850

I had a lady call me and tell me something was wrong with her water softener and that she went ahead and unplugged it.  When we got out there nothing seemed to be amiss.  I know your'e thinking that's because she unplugged it.  Usually that has nothing to do with how the water softener performs other than when it is plugged in it keeps time and moves the piston towards regeneration.  Typically if there is something wrong you will hear water either going to the drain or you will have leaking coming from the piston.  Those are two typical signs.  We did not see this when we arrived.  I put the unit in backwash and listened and heard nothing out of the ordinary then I cycled it through and back to service and found nothing strange.  I did this a couple of times and it all seemed okay.  So since she was also having water well problems and we are a licensed water well company we looked at that and in doing so we found her water well problem fixed it but did not as of yet find the water softener problem.  So I continued to talk to her and she gave me another clue, she said she heard it making noise during the day, which was water going to the drain but there was none when I got there. So I put it through the cycles one more time and when it got to the brine fill cycle it made the noise that it makes as if it were filling the salt tank and then shut off.   That was the key, it should not make this noise because the salt tank had enough water in it and should not have done that so I disconnected the tube that fills the salt tank and there it was, water was coming out of the tube while the water softener was in the service position.  I knew that the problem was the piston, seals and spacers.  I pulled the internal parts and found that the piston had lost almost all of the teflon coating it had and that the brine piston had some foreign objects in it that kept water going to the brine tank as well.  We cleaned up the brine piston and replaced the piston with a new piston repair kit and everything was working fine after that.  If you are having problems with your water softener I would like to make a suggestion.  Unplugging it won't really help though it is okay to do that but what usually makes the difference is if you put the water softener in bypass.  This allows the water to bypass the water softener so no water goes into it and goes out the drain or leaks onto the floor.  Then call your water softener service company or call us at (940) 389-6850.  We have lots of experience and can usually fix almost all brands of water softeners.  Hers was a water care water softener and we are very familiar with them and will probably be very familiar with your type of water softener as well, so call today if you need water softener service or repair.

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