Saturday, October 6, 2012

Water Softener Sales Rhome Tx-All American Water (940)389-6850

We got a call from a man who said he had a water softener from RainSoft and that when they had come out that he needed a new one because they no longer made the parts for that particular water softener.  Well if you have spoken to a RainSoft sales person you know that it costs around $7,000.00 to buy one of theirs only to find out 10 years later that they have discontinued parts and you have to "Upgrade".  We told him that we can sale him a water softener and that our price is not that high, not by a long shot.  We also told him that we can finance it for him.  So for $500.00 down and $50.00 a month for 36 months it will be his.  You can do the math, that is a good deal and we are not taking him to the cleaners on financing either.  Another great thing is that we don't sale a water softener that needs "Upgrading" or has discontinued parts.  That is a tactic that your larger water softener companies use but as for us, we look out for the consumer.  You may ask why should we do that or you may say "Suuuuuurrrrreeee"  Well its true for a couple of reasons; the first reason is that we are a local company and we often times see our customers not to mention we also service water wells and if they have one we may be the ones to service it so if we treat them like we don't care they will call someone else.  Another reason is we believe if you take care of people-people will take care of you.  Usually we ask our friends for referrals of who they use for things like this or plumbing and by the way if you need a plumber call Jason at All Hours Plumbing (940) 799-7066.  He is a great guy with good rates.  Any way if you need a water softener or have to "Upgrade" then give us a call at (940) 389-6850 and let's see what we can do for you.

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