Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water Filter Service Haslet Tx-(940) 389-6850

We got a call from one of our customers saying that their garage had water running out of it from their water filter.  They have an Oximax Air Odor, a slef backwashing system that uses air and a catalytic carbon media to remove odor that is caused by hydrogen sulfide, (sulphur odor)  What had happened was that the seals in the valve had worn from the piston moving through them and caused the wear that led to a small leak.  It is an easy fix, we just removed the old seals and spacers and installed the new ones and viloa all is well.  Something to look for on your water filter if it is a self backwashing one is look for a little water seeping up near the valve and running to the floor.  If you find this you'll want to call your water filter service company or call us at (940) 389-6850  Or if you have an odor in your water call us and we will get it fixed.  Here is a pic of what ours looks like. You can also check us out at

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