Thursday, October 4, 2012

Water Softener Service Chico Tx-All American Water

We had a lady call us saying that her Sears water softener was not working.  We went out there and found what we usually do, water in the salt tank about mid way up.  In the Sears, Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool, and Northstar water softeners there should only be a few inches at most in the bottom of the salt tank.  These particular systems fill up with water during the regeneration cycle.  So if you are seeing water more than a few inches from the bottom then it is time to give us a call at (940) 389-6850  What has happened is that either the venturi needs to be cleaned and or your rotor disc has been scored and can put water into the salt tank but cannot remove it.  We can fix this and it does not cost a lot of money though I know that is relative, if you have no money then $5.00 is a lot.  Understood.  We are very reasonable and can help get it going again, like I have posted in other blogs, "If momma's not happy no one is happy, if daddy's not happy no body cares"  make momma happy, call us.

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